Sydney Medical School – The Best One For Future Doctors

Ten years ago, Australian Medical Schools accepted graduates from simple schools for programs lasting 5-6 years. Now you can only become physician, having received basic school education and then having studied in specialty for four years. Main goal of these innovations is to teach medicine to most capable and talented university graduates. Foreign students can also get quality medical education in Australia.

Reforming medical education in Australia

As mentioned above, during rather short period, Sydney Medical School education was seriously reorganized: on basis of existing six-year courses, modernized programs were developed. All of these programs are accredited by Australian Medical Council, which certifies the country’s medical educational institutions and supervises registration of doctors who have received education in other countries.

Reorganization of medical education here was carried out in order to bring industry in line with requirements of modernity. Now structure of medical education is similar to North American and British models of education. Based on local experience and global medical innovations, Sydney Medical School pays special attention to so-called problem-oriented education. His goal is not only classical education, but also education in students of desire for lifelong education, as well as teamwork, which is very important in ever-changing medical profession.

How to enroll in Sydney Medical School?

There are certain entry requirements for all Australian medical courses. Main requirement is that applicant has bachelor’s degree, while basic higher education can be in any field. Programs can be taught to students with different backgrounds and experience.

Before enrolling, applicant must successfully complete MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) in America or GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) in UK or Australia. In addition, foreign students are interviewed for admission to all medical schools. In most cases, such interviews are conducted in region where applicant is living, so there is no need to travel to Australia.

Admission dates vary by school, from June to mid-August. You can enroll in one of medical schools centrally through National Admission Center, here you can get information about all medical programs, admission conditions, as well as Australian entrance test GAMSAT. However, some educational institutions prefer to work with applicants directly.

Features of medical education at Sydney Medical School

Main feature of medical program is fact that special attention is paid to practical clinical experience during entire period of study, and not only in last grades. So, students of 1-2 courses attend weekly clinical classes, where they can regularly monitor patients. Students can also acquire clinical skills in special educational laboratories equipped with unique simulators and computerized mannequins, allowing to simulate certain clinical situations.

Pupils after graduating from school go to medical university, where they work under supervision of clinicians in main areas, which allows them to choose further specialization for future. Virtually all medical schools offer range of specializations, including work experience in rural areas. Foreign students can, if they wish, have internship at home.

At the end of basic training, young specialists should, at least during year, work as interns in medical institutions in three main areas: general pathology, resuscitation and narrow specialization. After successfully completing internship, doctors are eligible to register with Medical Board of State or Territory and may practice independent medical practice. However, majority of graduates continue to practice in hospitals as medical doctors.

What is fate of international students after receiving medical education at Sydney Medical School?

This is perhaps most important question for foreign students, which deserves special attention and balanced answer. About one-third of foreigners who have received Australian medical education remain in Australia for at least year or two. Due to shortage of qualified medical personnel, Australian government intends to legally allow foreign graduates to work in hospitals as interns for year.

But this is still matter of future. In addition, young doctors from other countries can continue their studies in vocational educational programs (for example, radiology, physiotherapy, radiology, etc.). By enrolling in such program, foreign graduates are eligible for Australian citizenship.

Getting medical education in Australia is serious life step for international students. Academic year here lasts from February to November and, basically, doesn`t fit in with educational systems of other countries. Annual tuition fee is from 35 thousand AUD, which requires serious financial investments. In addition, returning to your home country after graduation implies job placement and planning for your future. However, international students can be assured of high quality education in Sydney Medical School.

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The address of Sydney Medical School is the following – Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02), Darlington Campus. If you have any question, you can ask them by the phone +61286271444. To find more interesting and useful information, please use this link

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