The Effectiveness Of Drugs For Sexual Dysfunction (Brief Overview)

The inability to maintain or to achieve erection (so called ED) is closely associated with a complex of physical, general health and psychological problems. It is proved by the specialists of Cleveland Clinic that more than 50% of adult men experience this disorder at least once in life. For many of them it could become a chronic state. It is not proved that erectile dysfunction has direct connection with age, though the frequency is increasing in “Golden age” groups.

General health problems related to sexual dysfunction are:

  • Psychological disorders (depression, anxiety)
  • Diffidence in sexual life, low self-estimation, problems with communication
  • Low quality of life

Having a failure once men become more nervous another time and worry too much about result. That may lead to further anxiety and depression. Not having erections, men could even experience penile shrinkage because of psychological problems. Luckily, problems with sexual intercourse may be recurrent. Another extremity is an erectile dysfunction ignoring. Experts say that men, who did not care about their sexual dysfunction, may discover more serious heart problems. Results of the related research were published in 2010, in the Sexual Medicine Journal.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is easily treated with medication, psychological help and changes in a life-style. Though, not many men realize this fact. According to the American Urological Association just 25% of men suffering from sexual disorders take proper treatment. The other 75% ignore problem. The best solution is to find sexual dysfunction drugs that work for you. So, what are the “options”?

Phosphodiesterase t-5 inhibitors

These most prevalent medications may easily be found not only in drug stores or internet, but even in cash&cary and gas stations. These most widespread treatments are symptomatic. Of course, it is better to treat the initial cause of sexual dysfunction than make up symptoms. Although, most famous PDE5 brands (Levitra, Cialis, Stendra and Viagra) are not such useless as it seems to some consumers. They protect an essential enzyme, which increases blood flow in the penis after coming of sexual arousal. The production of this enzyme, so called “cyclic GMP”, depends on many factors. Contra indications include taking some drugs (e.g. for blood pressure treatment and angina).

Hormone Therapy

ED is caused by reducing of testosterone levels (which comes naturally with age). The amount of testosterone should be tested in laboratory and then your doctor may prescript a special oral or injected therapy if hormone levels are abnormally low or high. In 2012 BMC Surgery published results of an investigation that proved that hormone replacement treatment helps recover personal testosterone level (even if it is caused by aging).


PillsOne more effective option on market is Alprostadil (MUSE). It expands blood vessels and stimulates blood flow, that has a positive effect on erection. Other medications with similar active component but an injection type are also available. The pill is placed into the hole at the tip. Notably, suppositories are less effective than injections.

As it was found by Cleveland Clinic specialists, more than 70% of examinees who tryes suppositories were able maintain a longer and stronger erection after using Alprostadil.


This alkaloid is derived from an evergreen tree bark (national African). At one point it may be a prescription choice for men with ED who worry about taking prescripted medication and prefer nature supplements. Yohimbe was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac among African tribes. And Federal Drug Administration in the late 1980s approved its usage in sexual dysfunction therapy. Scince that time many doctors have proved its effectiveness. Though, it is still unclear whether this natural treatment is safe and has no hidden side effects. First doubts came in 1993 with the FDA warning. Yohimbe stimulates blood circulation and thus affects both heart rate and pressure. Contra indications are psychological disorders and heart disease. If treating with yohimbe you will experience such problems as dizziness, tremors, anxiety or heart rate increasing, stop taking it and consult your doctor.

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