Author: Daniel Callahan

How to maintain men’s health?

Eternal questions that many have been interested in and are interested in at all times, and answer to which is known only to elect is essentially secret knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation from grandfather to father, from father to son, and is answer to questions that always remain relevant. These are questions about men’s health, strength, about relationship between man and woman. Why are we so drawn to each other? What kind of power is this? What does it depend on? How often can you make love? How to increase your sexual power? Answers to these and other questions from bow of centuries interest men. Statistics According to statistics, average man makes love about 2-3 times per week. Duration of sexual intercourse is on average about 10-15 minutes. Someone can do little more, someone little less isn`t a point. Anyway, in fact it`s very, very little! In such short time, woman is just beginning to “warm up” and enter “to taste”, even as she wants to continue more than anything, at that very moment man is already finishing. As a result, both receive less mass of pleasures and pleasures, being satisfied with only small part of huge, endless world of voluptuous love relationships. How to be in this case? There is a way out! There is technique, that allows man to be always in good...

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Ischemic priapism: causes, signs, treatment

Some cardiac pathologies have very characteristic, although not obvious, clinical manifestations, that can bring significant discomfort to our daily lives. This is especially true of men – socio-psychological layer, which is most susceptible to influence of various irreversible disorders associated with disorders of sexual function, which have mixed physiological and psychosomatic character. It is precisely this category of ischemic priapism, violation that got its name in connection with ancient Greek myth about Priapa, fertility deity, possessing inexhaustible masculine power, whose penis was in state of constant erection. Causes Modern medicine isn`t fully investigated causes of this disease. Among known...

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Varicocele as widespread male disease

Varicocele is varicose veins of spermatic cord. Varicocelle occurrence is caused by renal vein pressure increasing, for example, during its narrowing. This leads to reverse blood flow in testicular vein and varicose veins development of spermatic cord. Varicocele is localized mainly on left, since conditions for blood outflow from scrotum on left are worse than on right. It occurs more frequently during puberty, when blood flow to genitals is most intense. The factors predisposing to varicocele development are prolonged sexual arousal, weight lifting, etc. Patients are worried about heaviness feeling and pulling pains in scrotum during physical exertion, sexual...

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