Varicocele as widespread male disease

Varicocele is varicose veins of spermatic cord. Varicocelle occurrence is caused by renal vein pressure increasing, for example, during its narrowing. This leads to reverse blood flow in testicular vein and varicose veins development of spermatic cord. Varicocele is localized mainly on left, since conditions for blood outflow from scrotum on left are worse than on right. It occurs more frequently during puberty, when blood flow to genitals is most intense. The factors predisposing to varicocele development are prolonged sexual arousal, weight lifting, etc.


The effectiveness of drugs for sexual dysfunction (brief overview)

PillsThe inability to maintain or to achieve erection (so called ED) is closely associated with a complex of physical, general health and psychological problems. It is proved by the specialists of Cleveland Clinic that more than 50% of adult men experience this disorder at least once in life. For many of them it could become a chronic state. It is not proved that erectile dysfunction has direct connection with age, though the frequency is increasing in “Golden age” groups.

General health problems related to sexual dysfunction are:

  • Psychological disorders (depression, anxiety)
  • Diffidence in sexual life, low self-estimation, problems with communication
  • Low quality of life

Having a failure once men become more nervous another time and worry too much about result. That may lead to further anxiety and depression. Not having erections, men could even experience penile shrinkage because of psychological problems. Luckily, problems with sexual intercourse may be recurrent. Another extremity is an erectile dysfunction ignoring. Experts say that men, who did not care about their sexual dysfunction, may discover more serious heart problems. Results of the related research were published in 2010, in the Sexual Medicine Journal.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is easily treated with medication, psychological help and changes in a life-style. Though, not many men realize this fact. According to the American Urological Association just 25% of men suffering from sexual disorders take proper treatment. The other 75% ignore problem. The best solution is to find sexual dysfunction drugs that work for you. So, what are the “options”?

Phosphodiesterase t-5 inhibitors

These most prevalent medications may easily be found not only in drug stores or internet, but even in cash&cary and gas stations. These most widespread treatments are symptomatic. Of course, it is better to treat the initial cause of sexual dysfunction than make up symptoms. Although, most famous PDE5 brands (Levitra, Cialis, Stendra and Viagra) are not such useless as it seems to some consumers. They protect an essential enzyme, which increases blood flow in the penis after coming of sexual arousal. The production of this enzyme, so called “cyclic GMP”, depends on many factors. Contra indications include taking some drugs (e.g. for blood pressure treatment and angina).

Hormone Therapy

ED is caused by reducing of testosterone levels (which comes naturally with age). The amount of testosterone should be tested in laboratory and then your doctor may prescript a special oral or injected therapy if hormone levels are abnormally low or high. In 2012 BMC Surgery published results of an investigation that proved that hormone replacement treatment helps recover personal testosterone level (even if it is caused by aging).


PillsOne more effective option on market is Alprostadil (MUSE). It expands blood vessels and stimulates blood flow, that has a positive effect on erection. Other medications with similar active component but an injection type are also available. The pill is placed into the hole at the tip. Notably, suppositories are less effective than injections.

As it was found by Cleveland Clinic specialists, more than 70% of examinees who tryes suppositories were able maintain a longer and stronger erection after using Alprostadil.


This alkaloid is derived from an evergreen tree bark (national African). At one point it may be a prescription choice for men with ED who worry about taking prescripted medication and prefer nature supplements. Yohimbe was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac among African tribes. And Federal Drug Administration in the late 1980s approved its usage in sexual dysfunction therapy. Scince that time many doctors have proved its effectiveness. Though, it is still unclear whether this natural treatment is safe and has no hidden side effects. First doubts came in 1993 with the FDA warning. Yohimbe stimulates blood circulation and thus affects both heart rate and pressure. Contra indications are psychological disorders and heart disease. If treating with yohimbe you will experience such problems as dizziness, tremors, anxiety or heart rate increasing, stop taking it and consult your doctor.


1122Updated: 23.03.2019.

There are a lot of talks about such a magic cream that is able to solve all problems with erection. Unfortunately this method of ED treatment is still investigated. The cream really exists and is called topiglan. It is applied to the penis. The active component in it is well known – it is alprostadil, which is available in the form of injection and suppository. Now the scientists decide if it is completely safe and really effective as an external use, and try to specify the difference between different forms of appliance and give reasons in favor of every of them. Topiglan can be compared with brand Viagra or Cialis daily taken by mouth. It is very convenient to use a cream instead of administering a pill.

What is Topiglan?

Topiglan is developed by a pharmaceutical company MacroChem Corporation. Mostly it works with ingredient Alprostadil, also known as prostaglandin E1 or in short – PGE1. Though Alprostadil the main active component of this medication was approved in 1996, Topiglan cream has not yet been approved by the FDA. This component is mixed with a substance increasing the speed of absorption into the skin of the penis and deeper. Penetrating the blood Alprostadil is delivered into the penis by blood vessels. Thus it increases the blood flow to the penis causing an erection just in several minutes after application. The researches prove Topiglan to be effective in providing an erection even in those cases, which are not cured by other drugs. And as far as this remedy is applied topically, there are less precautions and side effects as well as restrictions as to the interaction with other tabs, which can be administered simultaneously. Even patients suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases can use this medication without any complications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Topiglan

Let’s talk about advantages now:

  • First of all we should mention its flexibility. It is cool that any man can use this method almost without being afraid of side effects because it acts locally compared to action of oral ED remedies.
  • Another great advantage of this medication is the time needed for it to act. It works almost immediately that is why you can count on a good spontaneous sex. Again if you compare this parameter with oral ED remedies, you can see that tabs usually require an hour or more to start acting.

Mentioning strengths we should discuss disadvantages also and it’s a pity there are some of them:

  • Even if there are almost no side effects and the allergic reactions are rarely observed, still they can be. The patient can notice rashes, reddening and suffer from itching.
  • Here you should understand that the remedy acts only if there is a sexual drive, just as well as any other ED drug acts. It provides a man with necessary physical conditions, under which an erection can occur, but it does not increase a sexual desire.
  • The cream may lead to a very long erection if it is used more than prescribed. This case needs to be discussed with a doctor and should not be considered as a norm.

So if you are not satisfied with Viagra, levitra soft or other ED tabs for some reason, just keep calm and wait a little until this magic gel is approved and appear at online pharmacies. This is a good option and you will know more about it and other issues connected with erectile dysfunction here

Popular means to cure potency

fast acting erection pillsNowadays there exists an endless selection of fast acting erection pills to recover potency within the shortest period of time. Medicines for erection treatment are prescribed on the assumption of causes of erectile dysfunction, its severity, age of a patient and contraindications. For more information about causes of impotence and its symptoms visit

Drugs for erection are typically divided into:

  1. Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5 (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Zydena),
  2. Hormonal agents on the basis of testosterone,
  3. Biologically active additives (Tongkat Ali).

Lets us consider more precisely the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5.

Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5

This group of agents consists of fast acting erection pills, which are aimed to improve penile blood supply by blocking one enzyme in a man’s body (phosphodiesterase -5), increasing of cyclic guanosine monophosphates and releasing of nonstriated muscles in arteries of a phallus. This makes cavernous bodies of penis get filled with blood, and erection comes.

The specific feature of these preparations is that they work provided a man experiences sexual arousal. In other words, inhibitors PDE-5 on their own account do not increase libido, do not provoke sexual desire and are not stimulants.


It is the first pharmaceutical agent, which has been on the market for more than 12years already Viagra in UK is taking the leading position among other penis erection pills.

The active substance is Sildenafil – a synthetic agent. A pill is taken 20 minutes before a sexual performance. Its effectiveness remains for 5-6 hours. A daily dose must not exceed 100 mg, otherwise headache, heartburn, palpitation and other side-effects are possible.


Though this medicine is relatively new, it has already won appreciation of many men due to its quick effect. The drug has a very long period of action – up to 36 hours. A recommended dose is Cialis 20mg, if exceeded, some complications are possible: head and stomach aches, nose stuffiness, and hypertension.


It is the newest medicine with a minimal amount of after-effects (in comparison with Cialis or Viagra) and considered to be the most powerful selective inhibitor of PDE-5. Levitra can be taken even by elderly men over 75. A 20mg pill starts acting in 20 minutes with continuing effect up to 6 hours.


These penis erection pills are only gaining their popularity, as the product has recently come at the market. Its action time is 24 hours. The drug is released in 100 mg pills. The daily dose can be increased if a desirable effect is absent. The action is achieved in 20 minutes.


This preparation does not only quickly enhance potency, but also is effective like a course therapy to cure a severe erectile dysfunction. 2 pills are taken 1-2 hours before sexual relations. A man should not water them – they quickly dissolve in a mouth. The effect remains for 6 hours. Contradictions are only an individual intolerance to the components.

Before using synthetic medicines to cure erectile dysfunction, a man can try recover his sexual power by natural means. Take up any sport and increase physical activity, pay special attention to exercises, which train the pubococcygeal muscle. The better this muscle is trained, the stronger and longer your erection is. Give up harmful habits, reconsider your diet and way of life, and avoid stresses and have enough sleep. If you cannot help taking pills for potency, try to combine them with natural methods – the effectiveness of the therapy will be much higher then.